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Nurture your marriage

KBC Marriage Ministry

At KBC, Mike and Amy offer FREE Marriage Mentoring. If you're interested, please get in touch via email to marriagemaglayo@gmail.com.

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Couples Challenge

Mike & Amy say here's another great article on 9 things to ask your spouse to strengthen your marriage. Feel free to email Mike & Amy with any questions.

— Recommended Resources & Events —

Together for Good is coming to Scarborough, Ontario! This one-day marriage workshop is your chance to reconnect, improve your communication and discover more joy for the lifetime you share!



Free Reconnected Marriage Video Series

This free 7-part series is offered by Focus on the Family Canada.

Is this your marriage? Married roommates. Two people — sharing the same house … the same bed. But missing out on what matters most.

Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley know the feeling. After several years of helping others strengthen their marriages, the Smalleys realized that they had neglected their own advice. In this video series, Greg and Erin share how busyness, routine and exhaustion almost doomed their marriage. Erin’s stunning admission — “I love you … but I feel like we’re nothing more than married roommates” — started the couple on a journey to reconnect. Now, the Smalleys are sharing their experience to help you and your spouse move from roommates to soulmates.

Reconnected: The Digital Experience is a 7-part video series designed to help couples discover the characteristics of roommate-like marriages and learn reconnection strategies such as pillow talk, uniting spiritually and dream-sharing to break out of boredom and establish deep, heartfelt communication.

Free Enrich Your Marriage Video Series

This free 7-part series is offered by Focus on the Family Canada.

Do you and your spouse keep having the same fights again and again? Do you wish you had more intimacy in your marriage? Couples across the country have already discovered the marriage-saving principles of Focus on the Family Canada’s Hope Restored marriage intensive counselling program – and now we want to share them with you!

Before you can deal with conflict and intimacy, there are crucial truths you need to discover about yourself, your spouse and what God intended marriage to be. As you go through these seven videos, marriage therapists Wayne Reed and Vicki Hooper will help you go beneath the surface, discover what your heart wants and needs, and then equip you with practical conflict and communication tools you can use to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

Marriage Night — Free On-demand

During this one-night marriage conference, hear from Matt and Lauren Chandler, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, and Conway and Jada Edwards to discover how to honour God in your relationship—plus comedy from Michael Jr.

Watch Marriage Night available on RightNow Media for FREE!

If you don't have access to RightNow Media, then please email Pastor Mark at mark@kingbiblechurch.com.

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