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Creation Care

Sharing of ideas on how we can be excellent stewards of God’s creation in which we live.

Welcome to the NEW Creation Care Corner!

This space belongs to everyone in the King Bible Church fellowship and we invite your participation and ideas. The prime focus is the sharing of ideas on how we can be excellent stewards of God’s creation in which we live.

God’s Call to Stewardship

In Genesis 1:28 we read “And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”  The expression “have dominion” implies the idea of being stewards or managers over all that God created, and thus the principle of stewardship. This is really God’s first commission, the call to become stewards over creation.

Reducing Energy Use

With appreciation for the KBC Property Team, over a number of years King Bible Church has taken very helpful actions in reducing energy consumption on the church property — programmable thermostats and motion sensors for lights have been installed in several parts of the Ministry Centre (building) saving both electricity and natural gas. In addition many of the lights have been changed to LED which are very efficient in energy use.

New Beginning in 2019

Almost three years ago four members of the KBC congregation gathered together to form the Creation Care Team and a new ministry within KBC. Janet Wortel, Lindsay Kearns, Leslie Best and Bruce Craig discovered we all share an interest in being effective stewards of God’s marvellous creation and taking action to engage others within our local church family. Many within KBC very likely share this passion and are already taking a number of helpful actions in their home and community. You are welcome to join the team.

Reducing Waste

When the Creation Care Team met in 2019, the first area of focus for us was on improving “waste management” in the building and reducing the amount of garbage being put out to the curb. There were several times when the church had to purchase garbage tags from King Township for the extra bags of garbage. A “zero-garbage” fellowship lunch in November 2019 was the first initiative when the Creation Care Team partnered with the Kitchen Team and the KBC Custodian, and focused on eliminating most of the garbage by having a small team in the kitchen for washing, using KBC cutlery, and also using compostable bowls, plates and cups which could go in the green bin. The lunch proved to be a success. The support of the church was very positive, and momentum had started. Additional ideas were being discussed from tree planting to possible pollinator gardens and community vegetable gardens in support of community members. However, early into 2020, COVID-19 came along and initiatives of the Creation Care Team were put on hold.

Creation Care Corner: An Invitation to Everyone

Recently with the regular KBC weekly e-newsletter going out, the idea of sharing insights and ideas in stewardship and creation care was proposed. With this opening written piece in the KBC Creation Care Corner we invite everyone within the King Bible Church fellowship to partner together and share your ideas and actions for effective creation care at home and in the community. The sky is the limit, as there is no shortage of excellent ideas. You may write up a piece and include photos or graphics, or simply send in creation care suggestions.

Please send written pieces, graphics and ideas to Bruce Craig. We hope to include a Creation Care Corner piece about once a month in the KBC e-newsletter.

May our Lord be honoured as we seek to be excellent stewards of his creation.

Bruce, on behalf of the Creation Care Team,

Janet, Lindsay and Bruce.