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Sunday Services and Sunday Conversations

Join us Sundays at 10:30am on Facebook and YouTube as we study 1 Peter— Living Between Two Worlds.

Sermon Series: Living Between Two Worlds

“Elect Exiles", this is the title Peter gave to the recipients of his first letter, Christ followers who found themselves caught living between two worlds, their earthly home and their eternal one. It is also the reality of every Christian that has ever walked this planet, the pressure of knowing that because of Jesus, we no longer fit in with the world around us, yet also knowing that while we are still here, we are called to be both salt and light to the world around us.

This brings us to the theme of the journey we are going to be taking through the letter of 1 Peter, to learn how to effectively live in this place between two worlds, to understand how our identity in Jesus, informs our actions so that we maintain both our calling to be to be holy and our calling to love others?

Would you commit to joining us in this journey?

As it is more challenging than usual these days to maintain social connections with others; we at KBC are looking for available avenues to bring our church family together. This is why we are shaking up our Sunday mornings a bit!

We will be alternating our pre-recorded Sunday online service with Sunday Conversations which will be a time of teaching and discussion through Facebook Live. We will continue with our current sermon series but during the weeks of Sunday Conversations, there will be opportunities for our church family to interact. You will want to make sure you join us so you can be involved!

How to attend

Please note that all in-person services have been cancelled until further notice.

All of our services are available through Facebook and YouTube.

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