The purpose of the library at KBC is to provide Christian materials for education in spiritual growth and discipleship and recreation. There are books, DVDs and CDs available for signing out. 

The library is located off the foyer on the main floor of the church. Instructions on how to borrow are posted on the bulletin board. Assistance is available.


Christian Life and Living: "Restoring All Things" God's audacious plan to change the world through everyday people by Warren Smith and John Stonestreet (248.4). "Through inspiring real-life stories of justice, mercy, love and forgiveness in our communities, you'll encounter a God who is intimately involved in His creation and using His church to work out the redemption of this world."

Around the World: "A Dream So Big: Our Unlikely Journey to End Tears of Hunger" by Steve Peifer (266) tells the experience of a couple who volunteer for one year to be dorm parents at a school in Kenya to escape grief in their lives.

Church Growth: "Growing God's Church: How People Are Actually Coming to Faith Today" by Gary L. McIntosh tells the "ways people are hearing the gospel today. God does not change-but people do."