The purpose of the library at KBC is to provide Christian materials for education in spiritual growth and discipleship and recreation. There are books, DVDs and CDs available for signing out. 

The library is located off the foyer on the main floor of the church. Instructions on how to borrow are posted on the bulletin board. Assistance is available.


CHRISTIAN LIFE & LIVING- The Mystery Of God’s Will” by Charles Swindoll (248.4) invites us to “join the author on a

spiritual quest to understand God’s will better.  The journey is never dull or predictable.”

PARENTING ADVENTURES- “Sand in My Sandwich and other Motherhood Messes I’m Learning to Love” by Sarah Parshall Perry (248.845) shares the ups and downs of being a mother of 3 children, 2 of whom are on the autism spectrum. 

“She pulls truth packed with humour, poignancy, and a naked honesty that will make you realize that you are not alone.”

AROUND THE WORLD- “A Disruptive Gospel” Stories & Strategies for transforming your city by Mac Pier (266) looks at cities around the world and how they have been changed by the gospel.