The purpose of the library at KBC is to provide Christian materials for education in spiritual growth and discipleship and recreation. There are books, DVDs and CDs available for signing out. 

The library is located off the foyer on the main floor of the church. Instructions on how to borrow are posted on the bulletin board. Assistance is available.


CHRISTIAN LIFE AND LIVING: "The Yuletide Factor: Cause for Perpetual Comfort and Joy" by Tim Huff (242) finds the Christmas spirit at the unlikeliest of times and in the most improbable of places. This unpredictable adventure in faith is written by someone who worked for over 30 years with the homeless in Toronto.

FICTION FOR ADULTS: "Mary: Chosen of God" by Diana Wallis Taylor is a researcher's historical fiction look at the life and thoughts of Mary.

CHILDREN: There are many wonderful Christmas books on display on the corner table in the library. Take some time to curl up with your children this Christmas season to enjoy some quiet reading about what Christmas is truly about!