Current Series: Identity

Journey with us this summer as we find our Identity in Christ.


Our society is facing an identity crises, in simple terms, we don’t have a firm grasp on who we are. We seek our identity in

areas like our careers, our accomplishments, our financial status, our relationships, as well as looking to others in society

to define who we are. 

The problem is, our broken world doesn’t have a great track record in the help it provides. Sure, it might sound good and affirming, but will end up leaving us more confused, frustrated and alone than we were before.

So where do we go to discover our Identity? We need to go to the source, the one who designed us, breathed life into us, and rescued us - we need to set all other voices aside, until we hear the voice of Saviour. Join us throughout this summer, as we dig into

who Jesus says we are!


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