Summer Job Opportunity

Working with kids!!

Summer Job Opportunity

Job title: Assistant to the Director of Children’s Ministries

This job includes a wide variety of tasks around the church, particularly relating to the Children’s Ministries, but also supporting other areas of ministry. An interest and ability to work well with children and adults, as well as a faith relationship with Jesus Christ is important to this job. The approved candidate will be willing and flexible to accomplish various tasks as assigned and will be somewhat self-directed within the assigned tasks. 

Computer skills are a great asset to this position, as is knowledge of audio-visual technology. Tasks will vary, including office work, manual jobs of sorting and organizing areas, preparing and leading the children’s programming on Sunday mornings, active participation in the administration, preparation, and leadership of VBS, among other tasks as they come up. 

The job requires 30 hours each week, for 16 weeks (May 13th-August 31st, 2019) or as many weeks from starting date until August 31st. The job can begin immediately following an interview process. Scheduling the hours may vary each week but will always include Sunday mornings. The assistant will be directed and overseen by the Director of Children’s Ministries, though will be also working together with, or for others within our ministry team.  Often, the student will be given tasks and expected to accomplish them without constant direct supervision. 

This position is for people who have completed high school to age 30.


Please email your resume to Ruth-Ann Heise at King Bible Church ( Further inquiries may be made by email to Ruth-Ann.