Legacy - Family Night

Fun programs for kids; Community and studies for adults

What is Legacy

Legacy: “something of great importance handed down from one generation to another.”

At KBC our desire is to provide opportunities for individuals of all ages to grow and mature in their faith so that each one might be able to passionately pursue God. Furthermore, we hope that the example we set will be a legacy of faithfulness to the generations that will follow. 

Our Legacy Family Night is designed to provide opportunities for each family member to spiritually grow through age appropriate groups from children to adults.

The adult study will be "Convergence".

The Junior High's are doing the study "Mark Redefined".

Legacy Kids will be continuing their "Adventures in Booga Booga Land" series.


On March 19th the adults will begin an exciting new study by Jon Thompson; Pastor at C4 church in Ajax. “Convergence” explains why Jesus needs to be more than our Lord & Saviour for the church to thrive in a post Christian world.

“Convergence is when three unexpected things come together. Spiritual gifts, Spiritual disciplines and unusual works of the Spirit (revival) converge to form the authentic Christian life. What we will explore in this study is how Jesus modeled these three factors in convergence. Jesus Christ is not just Saviour and Lord but also our Model and that truth changes everything for you personally, your church and the area God has placed you!”


This study is a compliment to our journey this year on ways to Encounter God.


Books will be $25 each. There’s a sign-up sheet in the foyer as well as one of the books so you can see an example. 


Join us!

We'd love to have your family join us on a Tuesday evening. We meet each Tuesday from 6:45-8:00pm. Check out our calendar and see what's coming up next. If you have further questions concerning Legacy Family Nights or visiting King Bible Church click here to get in touch with us!